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J3703 ABS Patients Rescue Carts

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1, Size:

2, Configuration: 
Overall height adjustment range: 500mm-800mm
Central control base, Hydraulic lifting main frame, ABS 1*2 damping guardrail, Stretcher face, IV pole

3, Accessory Detail:
*The face of the stretcher is once molded by injection molding. The back plate of the stretcher is equipped with hydraulic device, which can manually adjust the tilt angle and adjustment range is 0°-75°.
*Bed plate: ABS engineering plastic, one-time injection molding.
* Rail: Damping Guardrail.
* 4 ABS anti-collision wrap angle formed by one-time injection molding.
* Castor: 4 Dia.125mm Casters with Central Locking System, 1 directional wheel.
*IV Pole: The adjustable IV pole uses Φ 16 stainless steel round tubes with three hooks.

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