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M2705 Two Crank Manual Bed

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1, Size:

2, Function:
Backrest adjustment range:0~75º,±2º
Footrest adjustment range:0~45º,±2º
The dynamic load of the bed surface is over 250KG, and the payload is over 400KG.

3, Accessory Detail:
*Rail: The side hole installation mode is adopted, and the six-point support anti-clamping mode puts an end to the hidden danger of safety. The height of the guardrail is 37cm, which can effectively prevent the risk of falling bed.
*Head/foot board: Blow Molding of High strength Engineering Plastics makes the surface smooth and easy to clean. The plug-in structure has the advantages of high strength, and convenient to disassemble.
*The ABS Crank: Molded at one time, with anti-collision structure design, and can be folded at 0 °~180 °.
*Castors: Using 125mmmute castors, fully enclosed self-lubricating bearing to avoid hair involvement, with ABS shield at both ends.
*Drainage hook: Arranged on both sides of the bed to facilitate nursing operation.
*Hidden shelf are designed under the bed to place the dinner plate.
*The ABS anti-collision wrap angle formed by one-time injection molding can only be detachable by special tools, with the infusion rod inserted on it.

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