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Chapter one, Yufeng group
1., Yu Feng enterprise culture concept
[innovation, dedication, service, win-win]
Innovation: running water is not stale, only innovation can lead the enterprise forward all the time. Be good at learning and good at using for reference. Today is, and yesterday is not innovation.
Dedication: employees love their work, always maintain high work enthusiasm, stand out in the competition.
Service: high quality service is the most important condition, and the customers are more comfortable with it.
Win-win: only by achieving win-win situation between enterprises and users, enterprises and suppliers, management and employees, can the company develop continuously and healthily.
2. development history and planning prospect of Yu Feng
Sichuan Yufeng Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. has experienced eighteen years of development process, based in Sichuan, deep plowing the west, looking at the whole country. The existing production workshop of over twenty thousand square meters, more than 300 employees, of which more than 25% managerial and technical personnel. In 2008, our company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO13485 medical equipment quality management system certification, and strictly implement the system requirements. Chengdu headquarters has a large production base of fiber laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine, automatic tube feeding machining center, flexible bending machine, automatic welding robot flexible welding and supporting platform, and large hydraulic press machine, sandblasting machine, automatic electrostatic spraying production line, automatic production line. Innovative development of a series of medical beds and nursing equipment, has taken the pace of differentiated development. My company has more than 200 sets of independent intellectual property rights of plastic mold and metal mold, to ensure product standardization.
3., Feng Feng core competitiveness
Product: core equipment of middle and high end ward care equipment, innovative research and development of new products.
Scale: constantly rectify and perfect the branches in the field, and build a professional management, sales, technical and production team.
Sales: in order to set up a nationwide, large-scale and advanced marketing team in the domestic nursing equipment manufacturing enterprises, we aim to cultivate large and medium-sized cities in the major provinces of China, and open up the national marketing network model.
Customer service: Electrical and electronic industry for example, build up a strong customer service team, service in the major city hospital established in the local user and customer service service regularly designated customer service service, to establish the market brand reputation.
The second chapter, Yu Feng brand and products
1., Yu Feng brand concept
"Day to day on the mountain to Yu, peak is high, Yufeng brand positioning mainly in early end care equipment, in recent years through the various links in the research and development, production, sales, customer service and so on the improvement of new products and constantly improve the customer service quality optimization, continuous improvement, Yufeng brand gradually in Sichuan, both inside and outside the big hospital triethylene and obtain the corresponding reputation. In the long term, Yufeng brand positioning in the domestic high-end ward care equipment production and sales of manufacturers, focus on high-end products R & D, production and sales of the chain of production enterprises, and strive to three to five years will be set up within this industry Yufeng product updates fast and meet the needs of the user, the hospital customer service quality nursing equipment brand.

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